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SpeechUtilities provides solutions for the speaker-dependant large vocabulary speech recognition community. David Austin has used speech recognition since DragonDictate days out of physical necessity, and is thus in a unique position to thoroughly know and understand speech recognition, and the needs of the speech-recognition community. Software utilities for Nuance NaturallySpeaking are the focus at this time.

My products have often been built to address particular lackings in NaturallySpeaking itself, and as a result, NaturallySpeaking itself has improved over the years to provide features previously lacking. One example is the now obsolete EnableThat. The built-in Dictation Box has provided this functionality for several versions now. Even though NaturallySpeaking provides a Command Browser, SayWhatPro provides features lacking in the NaturallySpeaking product

New! SayWhatPro  SayWhatPro15 - For Nuance NaturallySpeaking DPI 15 versions thru 15.6

Now with the advent of DPI 15, Nuance has essentially expanded the feature set of the previous Premium version to include the Advanced Scripting macro capabilities of the old Professional version. This means that SayWhatPro can now reach a new audience of those willing to invest the time to voice automate their PC interactions. This investment can reap large rewards in terms of automation and increased ergonomics of controlling your computer. SayWhatPro can help you organize these macros.

New Lower Price! New Licensing Terms! As a response to increased feature sets of software and more for your money in general, I am pleased to announce a new lower price AND a more liberal licensing scheme.

I am now lowering the price from $49 to $25. Also, previous versions of SayWhatPro required relicensing (at a reduced rate) for each new version of NaturallySpeaking. Effective this version (and retroactively to all previous purchasers), one license key purchase will continue to work in future versions of NaturallySpeaking and SayWhatPro

It is always possible that I will need to change SayWhatPro itself to work with new versions, but the user will not need to purchase a new license of SayWhatPro itself. In other words, buy it once, use for all future versions, like the model of Total Commander (my favorite file manager).

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