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SayWhatPro is a macro file viewer/editor utility program for Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Series only (NOT Preferred/Premium)

Why another command browser?  After all, Dragon has provided a Command Browser.  Answer: SayWhatPro has features, and usability the supplied browser does not have.

SayWhatPro comes in two levels, a freeware level, and a registered level, where almost all commands can be edited and created. The rest of this page will describe the freeware version only.

It is very handy for those situations where you know you have a macro defined for some task you want to perform but you can't remember what command phrase you called it. Furthermore, the actual command details are available to view. Other features include:

  •  Tabbed layout for more power and convenience! Screenshot below.
  •  Printing a list of COMMANDs!
  •  Print quickly the body of the current command
  •  Exporting to .dvc file format (handy for sharing or moving macros among applications or users).
  •  Exporting to pseudo dvc file format (handy for studying VBA type macros)
  •  Exporting to spreadsheet format
  •  All of the above can be narrowed down in various ways and all can be sent to a printer, a file or the Windows Clipboard.
  •  View options- follow 1 COMMAND and all its LISTs, show all COMMANDs that reference 1 LIST, turn on/off viewing of KEYS, SCRIPTs, Text and Graphics, Plain Text, Macro Recorder, Step-by-step, Advanced Scripting.
  •  Group designations can be followed as well.
  •  File, Properties - show count of commands, LISTs, etc.
  •  HTML Help

File, Open and Searching have been moved to the registered version.

In case you hadn't noticed it, most of the above features do not exist in NaturallySpeaking! For a detailed command listing see Command Help

Known limitations:

  •  Some large graphics (Text and Graphics commands) will not display properly.
  •  Registered version: the structured States added starting version 8 will be displayed in SayWhatPro, but at the current time cannot be modified.
  •  Sorry, NLC (Natural Language Commands) cannot be displayed or edited in either the freeware or the registered version of SayWhatPro or in any other add-on out there.

Note new tabbed dialog layout for more power and organization:

This program was written in Visual Basic 6 using (of course) NatSpeak Professional.

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