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New Bonus Software for Registration! I have dusted off an old development project, the original SayWhat (not SayWhatPro), which will display (not edit) all Legacy DVC commands mapped thru dvcmap.ini. These commands are in the old Legacy style plain text format. A link for this program will be provided in the e-mail registration (described below).

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SayWhatPro is currently available in a Single User License for $25. A one time purchase will enable all features of all future versions of SayWhatPro. Upon purchasing, I will immediately (automatically) e-mail you the registration key file (and the SayWhatPro.xml and vocabulary words files) as mentioned in the installation page.

Very shortly after purchase, you will receive 2 e-mails, one with a Subject of "Thank you for your order" (from SWREG) with details of the actual business transaction, and the Subject of the second of "Your SayWhatPro order!" (from me), which will contain 3 links) (key file, macro file, and vocabulary word file). The second message may possibly appear BEFORE the first message (receipt) in your Inbox. If you do not receive these messages within a minute or two, please check your spam or junk folders.

Description Price  
SayWhatPro for DNS version 13/14/15 - New Users $25

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