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Essentially, the registered version of SayWhatPro allows access to updating features (Pro and Tools menu).  One way to think about the difference between the freeware and the Registered version is that the freeware is 'read-only', in that you can look at your macros, and how they are organized in a faster, easier manner than with Command Browser.  The registered version allows 'updating' access to your macros (in addition to a few other features not available in the freeware version). The main updating features are:

File, Open (and Edit) ANY mycmds.dat style file!!

Only available in the registered version, File, Open is also an extremely powerful feature. You can use this to open and explore previously Exported .dat files, other user .dat files, or any mycmds.dat style file. Furthermore, the full range of all other commands of SayWhatPro are available! This means you can edit previously Exported files, or even other User files. The built-in Command Browser works only on the full current user command file.

Powerful Search capabilities

Only available in the registered freeware version, this extremely powerful feature can be used to search for text in a command name, but even more powerfully for any text in the body of any macro or LIST. This comes in extremely handy when you remember something that is inside a command (or LIST), but you can't remember the name of the command.

Search and Replace (Tools menu)

I purchased a new computer, and it wasn't feasible to set up the drive letter mappings exactly like I had on my old computer. I also had a lot of macros with drive letter pathnames in the body of the macros. This new feature made it easy to do a mycmds.dat-wide Search and Replace and fix everything up in one easy operation. Works in the body of Advanced Scripting, KEYS, SCRIPTS, and LISTs.

Create, Edit and 'Save Changes' (most macro types-not Step by Step/Macro Recorder)

One of the biggest benefits of Registration is being able to Edit and Save Changes to your macros after you have more easily found them. You can also create new macros.

Now, for all operations, your modifications are available almost immediately.

Still Create(!)/ Edit Legacy KEYS and SCRIPT commands (in mycmds.dat)

Some people have become comfortable with the previously existing macro language or are intimidated by the totally new macro facilities; this product can be a bridge for you. Create legacy commands using the familiar KEYS and SCRIPT based macro language you are familiar with while you learn the new ways. Registered users also receive the SayWhatPro.dat file which contain many macros which can be used to easily dictate all legacy Voice Commands which of course may also be used in Advanced Scripting commands.

Unparalleled LIST handling

In addition to LISTs having their own easy access Tab, all operations that can be performed on commands can also be performed on LISTs. That is: Create, Edit, Clone, Rename, Delete. With the built-in Command Browser, you must go through several steps just to even get to a LIST.

Convert Legacy KEYS to AutoText (Plain Text)

Some users have reported extremely slow deployment times (in some cases 1 letter at a time) for Imported legacy boilerplate KEYS macros. Now for registered users, SayWhatPro can convert 1 macro at a time (Pro menu), or ALL (Tools menu) these type macros to AutoText (Plain Text). This will result in the instant deployment of the text. These macros must contain all text (no {Ctrl+xx} type), as Plain Text must be all Text.

Convert Legacy KEYS to Advanced Scripting

Now Legacy KEYS commands with control sequences {Ctrl+xx} can be converted to Advanced Scripting with the VBA SendKeys. Especially where a significant portion of the macro is actually plain keystrokes, a significant speed up can be attained. A very few keystroke sequences cannot be converted to SendKeys, and will be converted to SendDragonKeys. This command can be very useful for those wishing to learn the new VBA SendKeys syntax, and a conversion log file is created (when using the Tools menu), for handy studying.

Tabbed Layout!

SayWhatPro continues the 4 Tab Layout of first introduced in SayWhatPro7:

1) Commands only
2) LISTs only
3) Most Recently Created
4) Most Recently Modified

Navigate more directly especially to recently created or modified (in SayWhatPro) macros. Similar to MRU lists of Files in most programs. See screenshot on freeware page.

Clone commands

Another very handy feature is the ability to clone any type of command to the same Program and Scope. Cloning is very useful when I need to create a new command to do something, but I realize that I have an already existing command that performs several of the same actions, but needs only slight modifications to work. Navigate to the macro you want to clone, say "Clone command" and dictate a new name and the macro will be cloned for you. Another use for cloning is where you want to have more than one phrase to issue the same command. (do I need to say "line kill reverse" or "reverse line kill"?; cloning gives you both).

Backup feature (formerly called Rollback) (And Restore)

The first time each day that you start SayWhatPro, SayWhatPro makes a backup copy of your mycmds.dat file in a subdirectory with the name of your user in the SayWhatPro installation directory. If for some reason, you need to rollback your mycmds.dat file to an earlier version, this is the command for you.  However, the mycmds.dat file for people who would likely use this program is the result of many (sometimes hundreds) of hours of labor.  It is simply too valuable to take chances with.  Even if you are not a registered user, I urge you to back up this file.

Delete commands

You may now delete any command directly from SayWhatPro.

Rename commands

You may now rename any command directly from SayWhatPro.


You can Export to a previously existing file and either OverWrite or Append (individual previously existing macros are then prompted about).

Delete multiple commands

by All, Program, Scope, Group, or Pick and Choose, delete groups of commands.

Rename Group

You may now Rename any Group in SayWhatPro.

60+ VBA Oriented Vocabulary Words

A modest file that you will doubtless find helpful for dictating VBA in any application. For importing into your vocabulary (so that you can say these Visual Basic phrases with no command pausing). Examples:

Instr(\in string function
Lcase (\lower case function
<=\less than or equal

Instant Registration

No waiting. Instant gratification! As soon as you plunk your money down, your registration materials (.key file, .dat file, vocabulary word file) are E-mailed to you immediately.

What SayWhatPro is Not.

SayWhatPro is not a complete self-contained macro creation/editing system. For instance, at the present time, it does not edit Auto Text (it actually will for the Plain Text variant), Macro Recorder, or Step-by-Step commands. It does, however, display them (will even print them out - can you make Dragon do that?). SayWhatPro will not teach you how to create macros, but it will make you more efficient in doing so.


The structured States introduced in version 10 will be displayed, but cannot be modified yet.  Let me know if this is important for you.

New Bonus Software for Registration!

I have dusted off an old development project, the original SayWhat (not SayWhatPro), which will display (not edit) all Legacy DVC commands mapped thru dvcmap.ini. These commands are in the old Legacy style plain text format.

One Last Sales Pitch ....

You say $25 is too much money to spend on a specialized product?  Well, if you're reading this, you have spent a lot more than that (upgrades, microphones, training, sound cards, don't forget that extra few hundred for the latest CPU, memory, etc. so you could go "faster, higher, louder"). If you have done those things to optimize your time and results, $25 for a streamlined, powerful add-on macro system, is just part of the deal. There is likely to be a feature or two in the above set that will pay for SayWhatPro all by itself! I thank you for your time.


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